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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform là một máy chủ ứng dụng hoạt động như một nền tảng phần mềm trung gian được xây dựng trên các tiêu chuẩn mở. Nó tuân thủ đặc tả JavaTM EE 7 và bao gồm một ngăn xếp dịch vụ web đầy đủ, kiến trúc sẵn sàng cho container và đám mây, và khả năng quản lý và tự động hóa.

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Deliver Professional and Reliable Multiplatform Installations with Installanywhere

Installs that perform the same – no matter what the platform. Create reliable installations for on-premises platforms – Windows, Linux, Apple, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and IBM. Deploy physically, virtually or to the cloud – or package it up into a Docker container – all from a single project file. Standalone or integrated into your current systems.

InstallAnywhere makes it easy for developers to create professional installation software for any platform. With InstallAnywhere, you’ll adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. And know the vulnerability of your project’s OSS components before you ship.

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Installation Made Easy: Get MSIX Ready with InstallShield

Consistent and reliable installs. Every time. Flexera InstallShield delivers a seamless user install. Choose from a variety of installers and packages – standalone or complex suites. Develop MSI and EXE installers, and create Windows Server App and MSIX packages with minimal scripting, coding and rework. Then easily deploy to Windows Store and Nano Server.

With InstallShield, you’ll adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. 

The result? Productivity: up. Extra scripting/coding/rework: way down. Simpler and cleaner installs, upgrades and uninstalls.

Flexera InstallShield is the fastest easiest way to build Windows installers and MSIX packages and create installations directly within Microsoft Visual Studio.

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TeamCity – Powerful Continuous Integration out of the box

100 build configurations
Define up to 100 build configurations (jobs) and run unlimited builds.

3 build agents
Run up to 3 builds concurrently. Add extra agents when necessary.

Utilize the full potential of all TeamCity features. This product includes features identical to those available to our largest customers.

Public issue tracker and forum
Receive peer support through the forum, alternatively file a bug or feature request, and vote for them in our public issue tracker.

Free forever
Unlimited users, unlimited build time. No strings attached. 

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