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SysML Technology

The MDG Technology for SysML together with Enterprise Architect gives a powerful, low-cost modeling solution for Systems Engineering.

This integrated modeling environment includes advanced modeling capabilities and the ability to specify system requirements with powerful modeling support.

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TOGAF Technology

Sparx Systems equips Enterprise Architect users with a model-based framework for implementing architectures using the TOGAF-9.1 Architecture Development Method.

Tightly integrated with Enterprise Architect, MDG Technology for TOGAF extends UML 2.5 to support The Open Group’s approach to information systems architecture.

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UPDM Technology

MDG Technology for UPDM integrates tightly with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and provides a model-based framework for planning, designing and implementing DoDAF and MODAF architectures.

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Zachman Framework Technology

Sparx Systems’ new MDG Technology underpins the organizational viewpoints and structures of the Zachman Framework with great depth, breadth and modeling integrity.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect models are based on the UML 2.5 standard, with extensions for requirements modeling, testing, project management, mind mapping, and much more.

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The MDG Link for DOORS provides a lightweight bridge for Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect and Telelogic’s DOORS.

DOORS users can now incorporate requirements with the power of UML to fully integrate the software development process.

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MDG Integration for Eclipse

The MDG Integration for Eclipse seamlessly integrates Enterprise Architect and UML 2.5 into the Eclipse environment, providing users with the ability to navigate and refine the development model.

The Integration allows Eclipse users to use the built-in model discussion forum for easy communication and assist with collaboration

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MDG Integration for Visual Studio

Sparx Systems brings the power of Enterprise Architect and UML 2.5 to Visual Studio.

The Integration allows developers to navigate the UML model directly within Visual Studio, perform MDA transformations to fast-track development, generate high quality rich text and web based reports.

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MDG Integration for Microsoft Office

The MDG Integration for Microsoft Office is designed to integrate with different products within the Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to upgrade your documents and spreadsheets into Enterprise Architect, providing a rich modeling experience utilizing UML 2.5, SysML and BPMN among many other technologies.

The Integration allows you to utilize your model directly within a PowerPoint presentation and ensure that your presentation is always up-to-date with the latest changes in your model.

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Share, review and inform

Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review. WebEA, hosted on Pro Cloud Server, complements Enterprise Architect by providing a real-time view of project content, anywhere, anytime…