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Guarantee the performance of strategic apps, contain and control recreational traffic, diagnose and resolve network problems quickly.
Integrated analytics, intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like traffic shaping, bandwidth monitoring and WAN optimization in a single, easy to use solution.

Interactive analytics provide a complete view of network traffic
Receive automatic network optimizing policy recommendations
Accelerate your business critical applications to increase productivit

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Archiving for productivity, management and compliance
Get the most from your company archive with GFI Archiver

Email file Archiving for email, files and calendars
Scale Limit legal risk and achieve compliance
Search file Identify business issues with MailInsights® reports

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GFI Enpoint Security

Prevent data leakage to portable storage devices
Assess the risks and mitigate data theft by controlling, auditing and securing access to removable storage devices.

Protect your network from threats posed by portable devices
GFI EndPointSecurity reduces risk of data leaks and other malicious activity
Data leakage risk assessment
Data awareness
Access control 

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GFI Events Manager

Monitoring security activity, Mechanisms and applications.
Manage event log data for system reliability, security, availability and compliance.

View and analyze event logs for your entire IT infrastructure
Manage event log data for system reliability, security, availability and compliance
Analyze log data for SIEM
Monitor and manage your complete IT infrastructure
Consolidate log data for compliance 

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GFI FaxMaker automates faxing, making it electronic, simple and secure
GFI FaxMaker replaces paper-based faxing with an easy electronic process

Increase efficiency and productivity
Leverage existing applications
Improve your business processes

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GFI FaxMaker Online provides simple, fast, hosted faxing
GFI FaxMaker Online enables users to send and receive faxes directly from their email system

Times No installation required
Dollar Immediate return on investment
Layers Supports multiple platforms for email-to-fax and fax-to-email

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Network security scanner and patch management

GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant offering:
Graph Arrow UP Network and software auditing
Caution Vulnerability scanning for computers and mobile devices
Cross Patch Management for Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®

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Email protection software to keep your network secure and block spam
GFI MailEssentials provides anti-spam and email security for your mail servers

Powerful and effective business spam filtering
Blocks email-borne viruses and other malware
Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement

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Advanced spam and malware protection for Exchange with virus scanning and full disaster recovery for a secure email server
GFI OneConnect archives your email and protects your network from email borne threats and costly email downtime.

Our most advanced spam and malware filtering technology to date
Modern and secure email archiving service
Complete cloud-based email continuity platform

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GFI Oneguard

Centralized network security and IT management platform for business
Powerful network security and resource management tools that deliver centralized control.

Centralized IT network management software with business antivirus
Antivirus, patch management, resource management and reporting tools for business.
Shield Real-time antivirus protection for all network devices
Jigsaw Patch management to ensure your systems are always running the latest approved software
Graph Arrow UP Asset tracking so you know exactly what resources are where

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Protect against web-based threats and get in control of your network internet activity with URL and web filtering
Is your internet use in line with your business policies?

Monitor and control web activity for improved productivity
Manage bandwidth and internet usage for cutting costs
Secure downloads and web browsing for uptime and peace of mind